We’re now taking delivery orders from everyone in the neighbourhood.

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Delivery Area

This community effort is available within an approximate 5km radius of our store.


  1. Fill in the form by 1PM and you can expect delivery within 3 days (possibly sooner–🤞🏽 no promises!).
  2. You’ll receive confirmation by email that your order has been received (if you don’t please A/ Check your spam folder, B/ send us an am email at
  3. If this is your first time ordering with us, a member of our delivery team will reach out to for your credit card details
  4. Once your order makes it’s way into our queue, we’ll send you an email to let you know what day it will arrive.
  5. Please answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize when expecting an order from us. Your personal shopper might call you from a mobile phone to discuss changes to your order while they’re gathering it and need quick answers.
  6. We’ll deliver to your porch, at your door, your building entrance, or your concierge. (If there’s a chance you may be out walking the dog or something on your delivery day, please make sure to ask the driver to call you in the special instructions field of the delivery form).

Delivery Terms

Delivery Info
Grocery List
Step 1/5

Minimum 20 items.

  • All orders must contain at least twenty items. Someone needs to run around the store to collect your shop, pack it, load it, deliver it, and unload it at your place.

The cost for delivery is $15.

  • Deliveries are contactless: To your porch, door, building entrance (Not apartment), concierge, etc.
  • We deliver Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • We can only accept payment by credit card at this time (Visa, Mastercard or Amex).

Substitutions social contract

  • Please be as clear as you can be in specifying what items you need. Write as much as you’d like to in each order form field.
  • If a substitution is acceptable, great, we’ll do our best to honour the spirit of your order based on the information you’ve provided and availability. If you say “Peanut butter, organic”, and would have preferred we bring you creamy instead of crunchy, please consider this a growth opportunity. Make cookies for someone.
  • Please check your lists/recipes twice–we can’t come back later in the day with three missing ingredients.

Please feel free to email if you need help.